Jake's Journey with Apraxia

And the Friends We Met Along the Way

Disclaimer: Tiga Talk provided me with a free copy of this app to review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a giveaway.

I love sitting next to him, iPad planted confidently in his little hands while he practices his sounds loud and clear, trying to accomplish the task that Tiga Talk has placed before him. What will we practice today? Will he say the /b/ sound to make the boat race across the water? Will he say the /z/ sound to launch the rocket to the moon? Will he say the /t/ sound to bust up the pile of tires that the race car is hiding behind?

Each time we play this game, Lil’ Man is always up for the challenge.  He’s excited, motivated, and focused, knowing that his voice controls winning the game. Although we are currently using a couple of iPad speech and learning apps, Tiga Talk was our first purchase and still continues to hold his attention.

tiga talk

This app has been a great tool for reinforcing the sounds that Jake is learning in speech therapy. Typically we do his speech work in the evening after his bath because that’s when my other two boys are finally settling down. I make him do the sounds he is working on in speech therapy (b,p,t,d,w,h,m) and if he pronounces it incorrectly, I say it the right way, along with a hand cue.

When he completes these basic sounds, I let him choose whatever game catches his eye. The /ch/ sound that is more difficult is usually a front-runner for him because he loves to move the logs that are blocking the train from chugging down the track. He calls them “Jobi logs” just like he reads about in his Thomas the Train books.

What do I like about Tiga Talk other than the fact that it makes my boy smile when he does his speech homework? I love that it is user-friendly and that the  sounds are listed in the main menu from easiest to hardest as opposed to alphabetical order. I also think the mouth icon on each game screen is beneficial. Jake likes to tap it to see a close-up of a real, live mouth saying the sound aloud. He will then imitate it, which primes him for the burst of sounds he’s about to make.

Jake would like to give Tiga Talk a thumbs up!



17 thoughts on “Tiga Talk

  1. mermaid says:

    That sounds right up my little guy’s alley. Although I don’t have an Ipad. I guess it would work on his grandmother’s Iphone. I can’t get him to sit still for his speech lessons. His twin sister loves them, though. More often than not, I am giving speech lessons to the talker of the pair.

  2. Autumn loves playing with my iTouch….this app would definitely help motivate her!! We’re in! ;0)

  3. Kay Kemp says:

    Perhaps this will help my grandson. My iPhone will be his new friend.

  4. beth says:

    my daughter would love this app! please let me know if we win!

  5. I would love this app. My son is five and has severe apraxia and he loves Thomas the Train too! Your son is a doll, too. He uses his iPad to communicate and has learned a lot with apraxia apps.

  6. Manuela Jordan says:

    My granddaughter has severe apraxia and i think she would love the tiga talk app for her ipad.

  7. Great to see that Jake is enjoying and learning from Tiga Talk…my son just loves it as well!!

  8. tstarmom says:

    Entry received via email. Just want to keep these in one place so I don’t miss anyone-


  9. tstarmom says:

    Entry received via email – Linda.

  10. tstarmom says:

    Entry received via email – Wendy

  11. spenniemama says:

    I would love to enter if still open. Jake reminds me of my son he has such a amazing smile!

    1. tstarmom says:

      Sorry this one is closed now! Thanks for stopping by though.

  12. spenniemama says:

    Just wondering if this Tiga app is blackberry playbook compatible?

    1. tstarmom says:

      I don’t think so, but I would definitely check Tiga Talk’s web site just to be sure.

  13. Melody says:

    My little guy is resisting anything I do at home with him by means of flashcards. By resisting I mean he is good for about two minutes then shuts dow
    n and starts crying. Do I try to encorage him or just stop? I don’t him to think he can cry his way out of everything when it gets hard but I don’t want him to shut down either. I am thinking of getting an IPad. Do you think that would motivate him? ANy suggestions on brand or motivations?

    1. tstarmom says:

      Hi Melody, I am constantly having to come up with new ideas to help Jake at home. He seems to go through a list of words & repeat well for me, but if he has to look at a card & recall it, he fights me. Probably b/c this is more difficult for him. I have found I have to do a game or he won’t do it. I’ve tried forcing him to do the flash cards even if he’s upset and he refuses. Just like he refuses to eat broccoli. 🙂 Tomorrow’s blog post is going over my attack plan for the next month or so on at-home activities if you’d like to tune in.

      For Jake, cooperation with speech activities is all about variety. One reason why the iPad is so great! It’s a great tool to mix it up and Jake loves the iPad … a lot!!! Right now we have 3 speech apps. 1.) Tiga Talk (only beginning sounds & 7 months later still likes it) 2.) Mickey Mouse 3.) Speech EZ Apraxia Program (Essentially flash cards & hand prompts. We still do this on occasion, but he has gotten tired of it just like regular flash cards.) I am looking into getting some new apps in the near future. I’ve heard NACD Home Speech Therapist is good ($4.99) & I was going to research a bit on the website http://www.a4cwsn.com/. Keep in mind, however, if you put other games on the iPad, your child may want to start wanting to play Temple Run or Angry Birds instead of do his speech game. Yes, I’m speaking from experience! On the flip side, sometimes those “other games” are motivation to get them to do their speech game. (“If you do a good job & say your words, you get to play _____.”)

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