Jake's Journey with Apraxia

And the Friends We Met Along the Way

Do you have an apraxia anthem for your child?

It must be the perfect combination of melody and words that 1.) Inspires you to keep working and loving hard to advocate for your child and 2.) Reminds you how uniquely awesome he/she is.

I see this question presented every once in a while on the apraxia support groups and again and again, Katy Perry’s song Firework often wins by a landslide. I love in this video how fireworks are exploding out of her heart. I mean, doesn’t it sometimes – between the love, frustration, worry, hope, and fear – LITERALLY feel that way?!?

Every time you hear this song, I hope you smile and think about that rock star kid of yours. I also hope you remember there’s a big group of us scattered across states and countries that are walking through this whole crazy mess of apraxia,etc. together. This is our babies song. To all those mamas out there … crank it up.



One thought on “Baby You’re a Firework

  1. sheilatufano says:

    You made my day with this post! What a perfect song to describe these kiddos!

    Gia and I have our routine everyday that we drive to therapy. When we get in to the car she says, “Let’s fight mom!”, and we listen to The Fight Song by Rachel Platten. We dance, and punch the air, and show our muscles. It’s truly one of the best memories I’ll have with Gia. It’s something that is so special between she and I. I hope she always remembers the fights we had on the way to therapy 😉

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